Monday October 1, 2018
6 – 7:30 pm
Brookwood Library
2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy

In conjunction with the Hillsboro Reads program, Bag&Baggage presents a rehearsed reading of José Rivera’s Marisol, a dystopian odyssey mixing elements of Surrealism and South American Magical Realism. Marisol Perez takes on the apocalypse, navigating angelic warfare, homelessness, extreme social disorder, and a New York City that has become an urban wasteland. Amid the destruction, Marisol fights to save the universe, find security and faith, and hold on to the people she loves.

Marisol Perez, a single, white-collar, Puerto Rican Manhattanite, awakens one night to learn that it is literally the end of the world. Guardian angels have decided to fight a senile God who has vowed to take the universe with him as he dies, and the ensuing destruction and chaos among human beings leaves her New York City nothing but a surreal urban wasteland: Neo-Nazis target the homeless, the sun fails to rise, acid rain falls and burns those unfortunate enough to be caught in it, and men become pregnant and give birth. Left to her own devices, Marisol begins a journey to make sense of this new world order, finding surprising moments of hope and life amid the destruction.

José Rivera’s Obie-winning 1992 play contains elements of Magical Realism and Surrealism, and speaks to audiences of 2018 just as profoundly as it did to audiences a quarter of a century ago. As the Hillsboro community grapples with the themes of Omar El Akkad’s American War, Bag&Baggage invites you to explore some of the same questions through the lens of Marisol.