Tuesday, October 24
4 – 6 pm
Course #56365
Walters Cultural Arts Center

New Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council presenter Maggie Summers is a social media manager at Sasquatch Advertising in Portland, Oregon. She has worked in social media for over 5 years, touching all aspects of the industry: strategy, advertising, account management, influence marketing, training, content writing, and community management. Her experience in teaching small businesses and individuals about the social media landscape through the Portland Underground Graduate School (PUGS) has led her to offer a unique, Facebook-specific workshop for the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council this fall.

The two-hour session on Tuesday, October 24 will focus on developing and growing an organization’s presence on Facebook. With Facebook still serving as the largest social media network on the internet at 1.4 billion users, it is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get a message to a broad audience. In face, Facebook ads have the lowest cost per impression out of any other social media marketing option.

The workshop will start with a discussion on how to create a social media marketing plan, including creating a strategy, setting measurable goals, and simple day-to-day organization. Then get into the details of how to use Facebook for your nonprofit. Touch on topics that are always a challenge to navigate such as: the best practices when posting content, how to pinpoint your target audience, how to promote content on a small budget, and how to determine and report on success. Learn to deliver compelling Facebook ad campaigns to the right people at the right time — it’s easier than you think and the return on investment can yield significant results! Finally, spend the remaining time putting it into practice by working on your own nonprofit’s social presence while getting your questions answered by the expert.

With the ever-changing terms and approaches to Facebook, Summers offers a step-by-step guide on navigating the best ways to use this social media approach to get the biggest impact for your organization. Dig into the enhanced capabilities of Facebook Business, and start marketing more effectively to your target audience!

Call 503-615-3485 to register.