Get to Know the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra!

The Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra (HSO) comprises more than 70 members and includes volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and occupations. The Orchestra had big plans for this season, including preparations for our 20th anniversary celebration next year. COVID-19 may have put an intermission on our in-person activities, but that doesn’t mean HSO has stopped striving toward our primary purpose of bringing music to the community.

Though rehearsals and performances were on a pandemic time-out for the spring and summer, the HSO board has continued to meet regularly to build a dual strategy for this coming season.

The first part of the plan focuses on the community of musicians that makes up the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra. The ban on large gatherings, and the initial stay-at-home order followed soon after, created an abrupt and indefinite suspension of HSO activities. Many of our members expressed a sense of loss for a structured time to meet and make music together. Though full, in-person rehearsals are still not feasible for the fall term, weekly gatherings have returned via virtual meeting spaces. Sound delays and synching issues unfortunately makes a traditional rehearsal impractical through online means, but our members enjoy listening and playing along with pre-recorded tracks of music we might perform in the future, viewing short presentations from fellow orchestra members and guests, and having a chance to interact with each other after the long hiatus.

The second part of the plan focuses on engaging with the community at-large. With the support of internal teams made up of member volunteers, HSO is creating content for our new and loyal patrons alike through social media! Members are recording themselves playing in their driveways and on their front porches, telling stories of HSO, and sharing pictures depicting the lives of musicians, which will all culminate in a virtual concert on November 20, 2020.

Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra is looking forward to performing together again. To learn more, visit our website at, like us on Facebook (@HillsboroSymphony), and Follow us on Instagram (@HillsboroSymphonyOrchestra).

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