Belles by STAGES: “Two acts and 45 phone calls”

STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy opened its doors in the fall of 2010, offering a variety of theater classes to children in grades k-12. Their mission is to shape the lives of children and young adults through performing arts as an integral part of Hillsboro’s arts and culture community, and their classes focus on basic theater education and include some specialty classes such as musical theater. This weekend, they bring you “Belles”, a dramatic comedy presented as “two acts and 45 phone calls”.

Belles is a fundraiser for the “I’m a Star” program at STAGES, a theater arts program for individuals living with disabilities. The story visits six southern sisters, who, over the course of an autumn weekend, seek to bridge the physical and emotional distance between them via the telephone, and in the process come to terms with their shattered family history.

Playwright Mark Dunn is an award-winning novelist and author of over 35 full-length plays, five of which have been produced in acting edition for production all over the country. Dunn largely writes for the amateur stage, with Belles being tailored to teenagers and young adults. The Belles script, originally published in 1989 and revised in 1997, describes six Walker sisters all hailing from Memphis, but now they are scattered all over the country. Only Peggy still lives in Memphis, where she cares for Mama. When the play begins, Peggy is phoning her sisters with the latest about Mama… whether they want to hear it or not! Many theaters who produce Belles set it back in the day in which it was originally written – back before cell phones and texting and the virtually free long distance phone call became commonplace – a day in which a call to another city could be freighted with dramatic consequence and heartbreaking honesty.

Don’t miss this delightful dramatic comedy, with its throwback to the early 1990’s portrayed by some very talented, local young actors!

Belles by STAGES
Showing at HART Theater
185 SE Washington, Hillsboro
Run time 120 minutes with intermission

Tickets $13+
Friday & Saturday, Oct 13 and 14, 7:30 pm
Sunday Oct 15, 2 pm

Purchase tickets here.

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