About Hillsboro Arts Month

October 2019

Hillsboro Arts Month is an initiative of the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council designed to highlight the arts and culture community of the City of Hillsboro. October 2019 features over 50 arts and cultural events and classes in the Hillsboro community including music, dance, and theater performances; visual art exhibits and artists studio tours; literary readings, lectures, and workshops; and film screenings.

All events are open to the public, and many events are free.


Opportunities to learn new skills and engage your creativity abound during Hillsboro ArtsMonth!


Join us for Family Art Night at the Walters!
Family Art Night is a drop-in evening of art-making every Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. With a weekly rotating project focus, there are opportunities to explore a range of media, find your material inspiration, and hone your skills, all for just $5 per-person, per-session! Spaces are limited, and sign-up begins at 6 pm prior to each session. Click here for more details!

Toolkit for Participating Arts Orgs

Let people know your event is part of Arts Month by including the Hillsboro Arts Month logo on your marketing materials for your local October 2018 arts and culture event. Click here or on the logo below to be taken to a dropbox folder for download.


Hillsboro Arts Month is hosted by:

CMYK Black Horiz HACC